Repeat what everyone knows: Yaman Kalyan

We might be stuck in a Yaman (Kalyan) loop.

1. Most concerts are in the evening – night.

2. Yaman is the most popular evening raga – everybody knows popular yaman melodies.

3. Everybody learns Yaman as it’s usually the first raga that is taught.

4.  Because of having heard Yaman often, people don’t know other night ragas.

5. Play Yaman.

Consequently, nobody has heard other night ragas again and again. Power structures of prevalence to certain ragas due to certain times of the day get repeated and we are left with concert after concert of the sweet taste of ni-re-ga-ma-pa.

If you break the kaalchakra and sing or play something that’s not a night raga – blasphemy, and incorrect feeling. Lack of mood generation.

If you don’t, then other choices you have may pass over the audiences’ appreciation.

This is just me venting frustration after time after time of having heard yaman after yaman dope.

One thought on “Repeat what everyone knows: Yaman Kalyan

  1. sanjeevanee kelkar says:

    Very important point in listening music. This has to be taught by musicians and singers to audience. Teach listeners how and when to listen what., They will understand, gradually , slowly but efforts will not go waste.

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